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Yellow crucian carp

When epidemic prevailed long time ago, people who ate yellow crucian carp caught in Tagawa River in Utsunomiya city survived. Thus, Kibuna (yellow crucian carp) is a local toy from an ancient legend for avoiding disease and it became a lucky charm. Kibuna paper dolls used to be made as side job of farm families, however, today, it is made in “Fukube-Dou”. Attach Japanese paper on wooden wooden model of Kibuna, let it dry, then cut the abdominal part and paint it. The rounded lovely shape is popular among men and women of all ages.

Oya Stone Work

Oya Stone being processed is famous for local souvenir.


Tagawa River that runs through in Utsunomiya city it used to be many dye-works in a row along the riverside. The long-established store “Nakagawa dye-works”, since 1905 (Meiji 38), has inherited the technique of “Chusen” that put a pattern on cotton Tanmono (roll of cloth) and make a bank with Bousen-nori (glue to prevent being dyed) along the design, then pour dyes in. They get orders for Yukata or Tenugui (Towel) from all over the country.