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gyoza dumplings

Talking of representative gourmet for Utsunomiya, “Utsunomiya gyoza dumpling” is always named at first. The gyoza dumpling has three choices from baked, boiled or fried one, and very unique tastes of gyoza dumpling vary from shop to shop. In addition, the gyoza dumpling has such appeal of great delicious at reasonable price that you never get sick of it even if you go to shop every day.
There is a sole cooperative association in Japan for dumpling called “Utsunomiya Gyoza Dumpling Club” and about 80 shops join the cooperative association at present.

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Utsunomiya is famous for a cocktail town since it has produced a lot of winners at national games for cocktail skills competition. There is “Utsunomiya Cocktail Club” and about 32 bars join the club. They offers great entertainment for visitors with their exceptional performance. We really hope that the visitors taste original cocktails produced by the bars with their creativity.

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In Tochigi prefecture, the amount of “Tochi-otome” strawberry harvest, which is beautiful and juicy, is No.1 in Japan. The natural environment with plenty of sunshine, clean water, fertilized land, and the temperature difference between summer and winter, day and night make sweet, delicious strawberries. Besides “Tochi-otome”, our representative strawberries, “Tochi-hime” darker red, “Natsu-otome” is harvested in summer and fall, and a new breed “sky-berry” that is large, so on, you can enjoy various type of strawberries with characteristics.

Japanese-style sweets

Our sweets “Kariman” is deep-fried manju with Karinto flavor, that is fried in canola oil and the texture will become a habit since the surface is crispy while inside is moist. Carefully selected ingredients are used: “Nasu-Goyouran” eggs from Tochigi prefecture, Azuki beans from Hokkaido, and so on. Seasonally limited flavors, such as “cherry blossms”, “Macha(strong dark green tea)”, and “Amanatsu(bitter orange)” and “Sky-berry(strawberry)” are assorted as well.