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Utsunomiya has produced a lot of world-renowned jazz players such Sadao Watanabe, saxophone player, and Haruhiko Takauchi, guitarist. Jazz played in this area is genreless(without genre) and very friendly music, and it has fun that everybody can enjoy it. If you go around the bars belonging to “Utsunomiya Jazz Association” a, jazz live must be held somewhere today.

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Utsunomiya zoo

It is the charm of Utsunomiya Zoo that the distance between the animal and the customer is close, and touching them.

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Tochinoki Family Land

'Tochinoki Family Land' is amusement park. There are many rides attractions and charge is low-priced.

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Apple Picking

In autumn we can go applepicking and feel fresh air, and eat juicy and sweet apples.

Romantic Village

At this roadside station you can find Onsen, restaurants, local products, a farm and accommodations in a vast space of area.

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Wakayama farm

Maintaining soils for bamboo shoots for 100years. Looking up at the sky, it is filled with Bamboo forest. “Wakayama color”, traditional Japanese light green color, covers the forest. Here is not just a woods, but an extraordinary bamboo forest. Enjoy the magnificent forest-bamboo oasis in Tochigi!

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