Utsunomiya the wonder city

Utsunomiya city is traditional and modern city. Easy to go to Nikko(the world heritage)from Utsunomiya city.
During Edo term Utsunomiya is very important area for Tokugawa government. Because Utsunomiya is near by Edo(now Tokyo).
Many Shogun people had stayed at a castle of Utsunomiya families and had been to
Nikko Toshogu for praying for Ieyasu Tokugawa(first Shogun).
Now the city is a capital city of Tochigi pref. Citizens of Utsunomiya city respect traditions and accept new things.
So there are many traditional things and modern things at Utsunomiya.
You may enjoy many interesting contents!! Please enjoy Wonder city Utsunomiya!!

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Travel to Utsunomiya
Travel to Utsunomiya
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